Mail In Repair

Not a Mobile Phone Geeks near you? Don’t have time to visit our store? There is no need to worry! We accept mail-in repairs on all devices. Once we receive your device, a mobile phone geek will contact you immediately with an estimate of the cost and time needed to repair it . Please complete the form below and follow the instructions.


Carefully package your device in a box or padded envelope. Please request delivery confirmation and a tracking number. You may want to insure the package for your safety. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your device to provide you with an estimate. Upon your approval and receiving payment, we will repair your device and ship it back to you immediately. If you decide not to repair your device, then a $15 shipping fee will be charged to ship your device back to you. We will email you a copy of your form upon completion for tracking purposes. Please print the emailed form and include it with your device.

Mail to:

ATTN: Mail-In Repairs
Mobile Phone Geeks
700 N Lamar
Suite 150
Austin, TX 78703

  • Shipping & Handling Disclaimer:

    1. I understand and agree that Mobile Phone Geeks is not responsible for any damage or lost items that might be caused by my preferred shipping service. 2. I understand that it is my choice to purchase or not purchase the additional insurance and tracking offered by my preferred shipping service. 3. I understand I am responsible for all shipping charges including a minimum $15 shipping fee to return non-repaired devices. Repair Terms and Conditions: I give Mobile Phone Geeks permission to service my device. I agree that I am responsible for all fees once the services began and will make the payment before it is shipped back or picked up. If the fee exceeds the estimate, a verbal authorization will suffice as my agreement to the additional fees and to proceed with the services. Additionally, I understand that Mobile Phone Geeks will make every effort to restore my phone's condition and is not liable for unforeseeable damages, any data stored on the phone, or claims of damages. All property unpaid for within thirty (30) days of the repair's completion notification will become the property of Mobile Phone Geeks. Mobile Phone Geeks will attempt to contact you 3 times upon repair completion.

    Liquid Damage:

    I understand there is no guarantee for liquid treatment phones. I agree to pay $20 or leave my phone as payment for Mobile Phone Geeks time and labor if the phone is